Here’s Why You Should Buy Succulents!

1. They keep the air clean

Succulents are not like your typical houseplants; since they are capable of repeatedly absorbing CO2 and releasing O2 throughout both the day and night, they have no limit for cleaning and freshening the air. NASA undertook some research on the effect of plants upon the air-quality of the atmosphere and found that succulents (and similar plants) help to wipe the air of volatile organic compounds such as benzene and trichloroethylene! These are nasty substances that can damage your health and destroy a safe atmosphere. In addition, succulents prevent potential carcinogens and maintain a pure quality of air.

2. They improve work and learning efficiency

A recent study discovered that growing succulents in a class or work area increases brain efficiency and memory-making capacity by around 15-20%! The chemicals released by succulents help to cleanse the air and boost focus, making them the ideal choice of a plant for your office or classroom. Many teachers nowadays recommend growing plants by your window, where they’ll improve work efficiency and ethic without getting in the way or being distracting.

Succulents, cacti and other similar plants are also extremely important for reducing blood pressure and heartrate, which reduce anxiety and produce a calming, peaceful ambience. The green color in most succulents help our minds to focus and direct your attention to whatever you’re working on.

3. Their maintenance is extremely simple

Despite there being many varied techniques for growing the best cacti, succulents have a generally very easy set of requirements for healthy growth. Seen as they are designed to withstand intense or harsh locations, they can quickly and safely adapt to almost any location. If you’re not persuaded yet, take a look at the countless places that breeds of succulents grow – the list is endless! Even if you forget to water them for a particularly long time, they are biologically engineered to survive through tough droughts. After all, they are mostly desert plants and have the capabilities to retain water for great durations. They also propagate really efficiently, meaning that there is low chance that your succulents will die out.

The maintenance of succulents is super simple. You may only need to water them every couple weeks and leave them close to a decent level of sunshine. Only consider repotting them after several months or a year if they’ve put down too many roots or are growing out of the boundaries of the pot. Moreover, most kinds of cacti can easily live indoors, as long as they have a decent deal of light and air. This makes succulents excellent houseplants if you are a busy parent or if you work most of the day.

4. They are trending and look awesome

Succulents and cacti can be collected in all sorts of colours, shapes and styles. You can create your own assortment of different kinds of even put together a wall of succulents. They are the latest trend and it seems as if everyone loves them! As a great decorative feature, a succulent (or ten) is a must for improving your room’s look or just brightening up the atmosphere!